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Top 5 Sales Challenges that Salesforce Can Resolve Effectively

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Impeccable customer service isn’t just a way of building customer loyalty; it’s also what sets you apart from your competitors and reflects your digital readiness. Salesforce® has been the game changer in achieving this.

Today, customers expect you to deliver the right answer the first time, every time, on whichever channel they choose. Keeping up your customers’ expectation means more than just providing the right answer at the right time. It indicates delivering a personalized experience for every customer and efficiently collaborate internally.

Gathering customer’s data at this stage is important to be able to qualify your lead effectively. Businesses must boost their sales process and invest in the right tools and intelligent technology to stay ahead in the digital world.

Organizations not well-equipped for this face regular challenges like:

  1. No single unified view– One of the main challenges lies in integrating data from various disparate sources and create a single unified view. For example, a customer’s data might be stored in a CRM, or their order history information might be in a custom legacy system, their purchase data might be lying in some POS system such as Shopify during their social media data on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like. Lead qualification is a crucial part of the sales process.
  2. Long customer decision time frames-Long sales cycles are a nightmare for all sales staff, which means delayed ROI and uncertainty about winning the deal. If the existing systems can’t provide complete visibility at each stage, the customer acquisition cycle prolongs.
  3. Disjointed sales processes- It results from the fact that every sales team member without unified software for streamlining sales management, applies different methods to handle the sales process.
  4. Bringing transparency to the sales process- Managing nitty gritty about deals, the accounts they are dealing, and the number of potential sales scattered can be quite a challenge for sales managers.
  5. The communication gap between sales and marketing- Sales and marketing being two different worlds existing in parallel with each other is the status quo. The lack of communication between these two important teams eventually leads to their poor performance.

According to the [i]E-consulting study, four out of five US customers don’t believe that the common brand understands them as an individual. Personalization depends on your customer and in many cases, that’s where small and large companies fall short. Another report by a major analyst indicates that organizations that deploy CRM strategies such as Salesforce will return at least 25 percent better ROI than those that don’t. The Salesforce solution has the capabilities to enable you to successfully manage your sales process throughout the stages of qualifying to closing and follow-up.

Understand your potential on Salesforce

A robust 360-degree view helps businesses to reduce costs by providing a single source of clean, integrated customer data. Successful organizations understand the potential of Salesforce goes beyond it and know ways to integrate & enhance their existing system’s capabilities. It undeniably enables organizations to drive better marketing, increase sales growth, understand their customers’ behavior deeply and, most importantly, deliver unique personalized customer experience.

In conclusion

Investing in reliable automation software such as Salesforce undeniably pays off in the long run while providing employees with the right tools. Applications developed and integrated on Salesforce enable organizations to achieve shorter sales cycles, create efficient proposals, and improve sales and marketing collaboration. Tavant’s FinLeads product does all of this and goes beyond it. It’s a Salesforce-based customer engagement and aggregation platform that acts as one-stop-shop for Sales & Marketing teams to quickly convert your leads to customers.

To gain more insights, visit our Salesforce partnership and FinLeads pages or just say [email protected] to schedule a meeting.

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