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Top Blogs and Webinars from 2021-Connected Service and Warranty

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As we close the year 2021 (and what an incredible year it was), here is a list of our most popular blogs and webinars from this year – the ones our customers showed the most love to, and that answered the most pressing questions. Enjoy!
Once considered a cost center, warranty management is taking the front seat in creating seamless aftermarket service experience.
The transition to smarter electric vehicles and the potential phasing out of combustion engines is likely to be a game-changer for many.
Learn about the advancements in the manufacturing industry with Drones, AR/VR, IoT, and much more for better processes, performance, and protection.
Today AI and analytics is critical in addressing service life-cycle challenges, increasing transparency, and creating a rich aftermarket experience.
Traditionally manufacturers offered warranties to buyers to assure them of the quality and longevity of products or services. The industry has progressed a long way.
6) Connected Service Life-cycle – The Flywheel Effect
Opening session at WCM Experience by ‘Women in Manufacturing’ from Tavant, on how smart and simple changes in after-service processes like customer support, service request, service planning, service execution and field service, spare parts management, warranty management, and recalls can create exponential value and set the flywheel to spin faster.
Smart learning models are getting more accurate and changing the way service analytics is driving decision-making. This session explores the decisions that impact machine uptime, service parts pricing, equipment failure, and maintenance demands.
Timely Service data and insights can impact the bottom line in three ways – fiscal, societal, and environmental. In this session, the speakers from varied Manufacturing backgrounds discuss how service data can benefit sustainability.
A discussion on the Automotive warranty trends, the impact of innovative technologies and connected data, and how the Automotive industry is redefining service through connected and optimized service platforms.
Opening keynote by Bob Roberts, Customer solutions leader, Trane Technologies at WCM Conference. Service excellence in a manufacturing and aftermarket industry dictates decisions be made using near-real-time information. To provide a rich and seamless experience to their customers, manufacturers need to improve data visibility, the backbone for delivering cutting-edge services.

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