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What’s So Cool about OOH Advertising?

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It consists of public display ads, both digital and print, but the plus side is you can choose your OOH ads to be displayed at particular locations according to how demographics travel run errands. Digital displays can be easily controlled in real-time, according to the movements of people with specific tastes and needs.

OOH has evolved, thanks to big data!

Big data allows the discovery of detailed information on specific groups of people. Based on that, OOH campaigns can be displayed to prospects from particular cultures, age groups, and professions at specific locations, and thousands of them can be targeted once you are aware of their movements. A greater-than-life ad is something no one misses. Outdoor media platforms may include posters, billboards, public vehicles, kiosks, etc.

OOH is cost-effective

OOH advertising can be cost-effective to promote a brand or service. An OOH advertisement is a one-time investment. You can ideally keep an ad running for both, short and long terms, depending on context and objective. The price you pay for OOH ad spaces largely depends on popularity, footfall and other related factors. However, once you mine data, a location relevant to your demographics may be available at a surprisingly affordable cost. And that happens quite often.

OOH has better reach

It is true that personalized ads have a conversion rate of 80% on average. However, viewability and fraud have been major challenges in the recent past. Although many OOH “impressions” may be irrelevant, a whacky ad gets people’s attention. That gets the word around. Moreover, with big data, the right prospects can be reached at strategic locations quite easily these days.

Outdoor ads reach a wider range of viewers. Compelling viewership is one of the highest advantages of OOH advertising. Programmatic advertising has been a remarkable development in the last few years, but affordability, scope of creativity, non-stop exposure to audience, and potential reach to large audiences are some undeniable advantages of OOH.

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