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WoD (Warranty on Demand) Series – Configuring Payment Rules

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WoD (Warranty on Demand)  – is a cloud based warranty management system developed by Tavant Technologies to automate and optimize warranty process of global organizations. WoD’s comprehensive list of functions can make it one of the best warranty management system to resolve the warranty related problems of different organizations

The high configurability of the system allows users to easily build business rules to adapt to the corresponding OEM’s warranty processes. One such key process is Claim Payment and the logic toward arriving at the payment amount.

The service network structure varies from organization to organization. Contracts between OEMs and their servicing dealers may also vary which will result in their labor being different. Regulations may vary from country to country resulting in added surcharges and taxes.  The complexity starts when OEMs want to calculate the claim payment using these small adjustments and their inability to adjust.

WoD has the capability of resolving complex scenarios of different organizations efficiently. In WoD, users can create customized logic to calculate their claim payment using multiple rules. Here, the claim payment is divided into three segments so that configurations can be done for every scenario effectively.

The three segments are:

  1. OEMs can create and configure all cost categories that is required at the time of calculating claim payment. These cost categories will determine the values that a dealer can enter while filing a claim.  Examples of cost categories are: labor cost, travel cost, parking cost and meals cost.
  2. OEMs may configure multiple cost categories in the system but every claim may not require all cost categories to calculate payment – so, an OEM can specify the cost categories that the system will account for calculating payments. Pre-defined cost categories are linked with policies and based on the rules created, system will calculate the claim payment by selecting a policy for a particular claim.
  3. Modifying the payment information is generally linked to the cost categories selected for calculation of claim payment. This is a set of rules that an OEM may create if they want to change the payout for a particular dealer and/or machine/part claim. These attributes make it possible to override a claim payment previously calculated with basic payment rules.


As WoD brings the agility of Salesforce.com with it, organizations will find it extremely easy to use as it can be accessed from anywhere due to its cloud functionality.

If we consider warranty management in a global scale – the scope is changing rapidly and the main aim of building WoD is to focus on understanding the future of warranty management.

WoD is already loaded up with all new releases provided by Salesforce till date and periodic feature upgrades from our experts make it a dynamic system for resolving warranty management issues.

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