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Revolutionizing media and entertainment with agile IT support for dynamic market adaptation

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In the rapidly evolving media and entertainment sector, businesses grapple with fluctuating demands and the need for agile content delivery. Media analytics is key to navigating these challenges, offering vital insights for resource management and trend tracking. Tavant addresses these needs with its advanced cloud, DevOps, and continuous development practices, ensuring clients can efficiently adapt to market changes while maintaining high-quality standards, thus delivering substantial value in this dynamic industry.


Backed by our deep domain expertise, years of experience, and robust execution frameworks, we’ve helped leading media organizations transform with technology.

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Touchless documents

Eliminate manual processing and embrace a seamless, automated solution for document classification and data extraction for efficiency and accuracy.

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Touchless collateral

Do away with manual appraisal reviews and embrace a streamlined, efficient lending solution for accelerated decision-making, enhanced accuracy, and reduced risk.

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Touchless decisioning

Empower lending process with advanced technology that effortlessly compares multi-AUS responses, investor guidelines, and loan data.

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Touchless income

Streamline income verification process with automated employment calculation and verification, eliminating the risk of human error.

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Touchless credit

Transform your lending process to make faster, more accurate credit evaluations and informed lending decisions, with automated analysis and credit review for all borrowers.


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Offer Touchless Lending® experiences to your customers at crucial application stages and boost your mortgage conversion rates.

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Deploy intelligent data aggregated from all stakeholders in the financial services ecosystem to simplify lending experiences.

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Media Analytics

Leverage Data Science and AI to provide comprehensive analytics and insights.

Advanced Advertising

Deliver targeted campaigns to generate higher return.

OTT Services

Provide an unparalleled streaming experience with innovative technology.

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