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Intelligent Automation & RPA in Mortgage Lending

Today, businesses need to react quickly to market changes and customer expectations. Tavant’s consulting-driven approach to automation helps mortgage lenders and banks significantly improve productivity and enhance customer experiences using our deep automation and domain expertise. 

By combining the power of industry tools and accelerators, we drive organization-wide transformation through RPA, ML, and AI to solve your most important business challenges. 


Discovery and planning phase

We start with a maturity assessment to create a comprehensive digital blueprint of all process activities that align with your business priorities. 

Automation Assessment

A quick assessment helps determine immediate automation priorities, identify cost-saving opportunities, and prescribe the right integrated automation framework for your business. 


Organizations need to conduct a review to assess different solutions in technology, architecture, security, and governance to determine what build, test, and support options are available to automate. Tavant can help you decide how to apply it, determine which technologies to use, and ensure it’s embraced across your business. 


We can simplify, standardize, transform, automate, and optimize and create a new human/digital partnership along the way. 



Increase in speed to market through faster application releases


Reduction in cost through intelligent automation


Improved productivity through modernization

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