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Aftermarket Price Optimization and Increased Profitability with Price.AI

The aftermarket industry, which comprises components like spare parts, repair works, and maintenance services, represents a significant revenue management stream for manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers alike. In a market that is prone to constant fluctuations, pricing is a crucial aspect of attracting and retaining customers. However, relying on traditional pricing strategies often leads to untapped […]

Transforming Aftermarket Experiences: The Power of Service Lifecycle Management

The significance of providing exceptional aftermarket services cannot be overstated in today’s times as organizations strive to meet the dynamic expectations of their customers and stay competitive. Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) emerges as a powerful solution, seamlessly integrating various aspects of post-sales support to create a connected and customer-centric experience. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Service Contracts in Manufacturing: A Blueprint for Revenue Growth and Customer Loyalty

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, the imperative to stay ahead transcends the realm of producing high-quality products. Service contracts have evolved into a strategic cornerstone for manufacturers, providing an additional revenue stream, fostering customer loyalty, and delivering crucial insights into customer expectations. The symbiotic relationship between service contracts and manufacturer success hinges on the ability […]

From Warehouse to Customer: The Strategic Journey of Service Parts in Service Lifecycle Management

From Warehouse to Customer

Within the aftermarket world, service parts management assumes a pivotal role in upholding customer satisfaction and operational excellence. This blog explores the role of service parts management, its far-reaching influence on various stakeholders, and the nuanced challenges it presents alongside strategic solutions. The Significance of Service Parts in Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) Aftersales service transcends […]

Redefining Manufacturing Efficiency with Warranty Management Solution


In the manufacturing world, precision and efficiency are paramount, and staying ahead of the competition requires innovative solutions. One such game-changer is warranty management solution, which not only ensures but also product quality boosts overall manufacturing efficiency. In this blog, we will delve into the transformative impact of warranty management software on the manufacturing industry, […]

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with TMAP’s Rule Engine: A Deep Dive into AI Alerts


Globally, manufacturers are increasingly turning to data and advanced analytics to enhance efficiency, drive innovation, and optimize overall performance in their aftermarket service processes. TMAP, powered by Advanced Analytics and AI, offers actionable insights to streamline and improve these processes. In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, proactive management of potential challenges is essential for seamless […]

From Paperwork to Powerhouse: Technology’s Impact on Service Contracts

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In today’s manufacturing industry, service contracts are utilized to provide additional coverage and maintenance services for equipment and vehicles beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Customers can acquire these contracts (sometimes known as extended warranties or service agreements) to protect themselves against unexpected repair costs and assure continuing maintenance.     A Closer Look at Service […]

Making Warranty Management Profitable for Manufacturers


Traditionally manufacturers offered warranties to buyers to assure buyers of the quality and longevity of products or services. The manufacturer (or the seller) would typically cover the repair or replacement of the products within a period of time. The industry has progressed a long way from there. With the increasing complexity of production and the […]

Data Analytics: A Catalyst for Change in Service Life-cycle Management


The past few years have seen manufacturers look at their aftermarket services management in a completely new way. While technology and digitization have largely driven this change, the recent global pandemic has rocketed the drive for remote yet effective service support to ensure that customer requirement are still seamlessly met. Tech Innovations and the Flood […]