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Service Contracts in Manufacturing: A Blueprint for Revenue Growth and Customer Loyalty

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, the imperative to stay ahead transcends the realm of producing high-quality products. Service contracts have evolved into a strategic cornerstone for manufacturers, providing an additional revenue stream, fostering customer loyalty, and delivering crucial insights into customer expectations. The symbiotic relationship between service contracts and manufacturer success hinges on the ability […]

Supercharging Service Contracts for Success: The Analytics Advantage

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In today’s digital age, data is continuously generated from various sources, and businesses have access to vast amounts of valuable information. However, managing and extracting insights from this data can be a daunting task without the aid of advanced technology and analytics. This is particularly true for Service Contracts, where the success of these agreements […]

Reasons Why Extended Warranties Are a Must


In 2016, $23 billion on protection plans and $17 billion on vehicle service contracts were spent by consumers on appliances, mobiles, electronic appliances and computers1. Extended warranties are one of the largest businesses in the U.S. How is an extended warranty beneficial to a customer and why should they opt for one? By ‘mobiles’ I think you mean smartphones, […]

Incur Lower Warranty Cost While Generating Greater Revenue


In dealing with warranty packages, organizations around the globe are known to suffer leakage, of thousands of dollars, due to unoptimized claim-processing loopholes. It is advisable to improve how you administer and track all your warranty claims holistically, leaving zero room for false claims. To be able to improve profits, a closed-loop warranty system is […]

WoD (Warranty on Demand) Series – Configuring Payment Rules


WoD (Warranty on Demand)  – is a cloud based warranty management system developed by Tavant Technologies to automate and optimize warranty process of global organizations. WoD’s comprehensive list of functions can make it one of the best warranty management system to resolve the warranty related problems of different organizations The high configurability of the system allows […]

Tavant Warranty Systems – One for All


Among the majority of Warranty Management Systems across industries, each one is becoming highly customized to meet only one business functionality. Although customizing a system for a product or line of business helps, the conventional approach can result in multiple instances of the same application with only minor change in operation. That does not help […]