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Which Media Should You Be Buying in 2016?

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Media world has gone extremely swift and agile, while taking utmost care of its viewer’s personal preferences. To cater to the personal and timely requirements of your viewers, you need to have a resource that can meet the interests of your prospect personally and fast.

What’s the buzzword?

There’s been a lot of buzz around programmatic, predicting it will account for half of the ad sales in digital media by 2018. If you haven’t used it for your latest ad campaigns, maybe 2016 is when you should venture in it, as programmatic promises being the future of the ad world.

Advertising, more so the digital ones, are no longer the generic hoity-toity creatives you throw at some popular show or event to capture audience attention. Today, you need perfect knowledge of your audience much before you post one for him to consider buying. At the digital arena, all the task of picking the perfect advertisement specifically for that precise customer, happens within less than 200 milliseconds.

Why programmatic?

With programmatic, the entire process of identifying the prospect, understanding his choice, asking for the right ad, asking the ad agencies to bid and then selecting the right bid to post on his monitor happens within the time you bat your eyelids. Manual sorting is impossible within this time, where there are millions of ads to choose from. So, you need an automated decision-making process with artificial intelligence (AI), teamed up with real-time bidding (RTB). This process can be used in online display portals, video, mobile, social media, and television as well.

Age of selective advertising

We have come to an era, where the audience cannot be lured by the millions. Businesses will have to learn to customize their products and their display for personal level of satisfaction. Today, the advertising industry has gone highly fragmented. The best mode of resolve is by programmatic to maximize ROIs for your ad budgets.

Of course, a marketer’s intuitive role will always be there, that being the root to guess a prospect’s interests and preferences. However, blending this marketing strategy with machine-learning techniques and technologies of programmatic advertising, you will not miss hitting your right target at the right hour and drive home better-quality leads and higher ROI.

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